Experienced - Accessible - Committed To Justice

In 2020, I ran for Houston County District Attorney because I knew we could do better. Cases were not moving, the needs of victims were not being met and employee retention was low.


In 2022, I am running for District Attorney because I still believe can be better. 


Spending over 18 years working at the Houston County District Attorney's Office, my experience is DIFFERENT. I started working in the the Juvenile Division, moved my way up to the Superior Court and eventually became second in command of the office. I have handled cases large and small. I have worked in administration, learning budgets and grant implementation. I have experience in employee hiring and retention. I have trained and worked closely with our local law enforcement agencies. 

Together, we can hold criminals accountable, provide support to victims of crime and keep our community safe.


Ready to Lead, Ready to Serve 

Here Is Where Erikka Stands On The Issues 
Protecting Victims Of Crime

Violent and repeat offenders should expect incarceration when appropriate. For non-violent offenders, we will increase the use of alternatives to traditional prosecution including, the Accountability Court and Daily Reporting Center programs. We will strengthen the Pre-trial Diversion programs by tailoring them to meet the crimes charged. This will allow offenders the opportunity to make victims whole, strengthen our community but also give them the opportunity to make a change in their behavior. 

Smart Reforms To Reduce Backlog

We can reduce the backlog by making changes to how we do things. Justice delayed is justice denied for victims of crime. While some of the backlog is not in control of the District Attorney, there are things we can control.  As District Attorney, I will make good use of the Superior Court's limited time and resources. The District Attorney's office will move swiftly to investigate and appropriately charge criminal offenses. We will work to reduce the backlog of cases by using alternative methods of prosecution where appropriate.

Increasing Accessibility and Transparency
With today's technology, let's make it easier for victims of crime and the general public to get information about cases. As your District Attorney, I will establish and maintain a website. 
Supporting  Our Law Enforcement

 As District Attorney, I will continue to work closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to reduce the presence of gangs, drugs and violent crime in our county. In my 18 years as a prosecutor, I have provided over a hundred hours of training to law enforcement officers, teachers, and fellow prosecutors. 

Better trained officers make stronger cases and can secure justice for victims. Helping police officers understand the dynamics of domestic violence helps to keep them safe when they respond to calls. I will continue to be accessible to our law enforcement agencies and implement an "on-call" status so that a senior ADA is available to answer questions. 

Record Restrictions and Expungements 

Record Restriction shouldn't be a secret! Georgia law provides for the opportunity to have the record of an arrest restricted from a person's Georgia criminal history under certain circumstances. 

As District Attorney, I will continue my efforts to assist those that are requesting eligible records be restricted. Not only will information about how to seal your arrest record be available on our new website, we will also partner with local agencies to host record restriction information programs. 

Creating Programs for Juvenile Offenders

As District Attorney, we will have programs based on the restorative justice model and focus on offender accountability and rehabilitation. We work closely with the Department of Juvenile Justice and The Houston County Juvenile Court to support programs such as our Community Car Wash and Restitution programs. We will increase programing to deal with Anger Management and Conflict Resolution.