At a recent political forum, my opponent accused me of lying about the issues in the Houston County District Attorney's Office.


This is the video of the forum and below you will find the supporting documentation that proves which one of us is actually telling the truth. 













As District Attorney, your personal life should never spill into your professional life. This is more than a matter of just mudslinging. The employees of the Houston County DA's office are reaching out for help. As an elected official, the voters are the only ones that can fix this. 

The District Attorney's Office is not a personal business. It is a government office. The District Attorney has now married his office manager/executive assistant. The current office structure has the Office Manager doing hiring, discipline, and keeping all books. Where is the oversight? 

Why Does This Matter? 

It matters because the State of Georgia has rules and laws that govern this sort of behavior. There should be no favoritism in employment. If an employee has an issue, they should have a supervisor that they can turn to in order to address those issues. 

It matters because when the District Attorney and the Office Manager are out of the office at the same time, it creates an appearance of something improper. Further, if the current Chief Assistant is in an office 20 minutes away, that can create problems. 

It matters because the District Attorney's decision to engage in a relationship with an employee at the office shows that he has a serious lack of good judgment. How can we entrust our District Attorney to be exercising good judgment when making charging decisions? Every person that has opposed his behavior has been forced out or written up. 

It matters because when an employee with 19 years of experience is fired because she asked for paper towels and handsoap in the midst of a global pandemic, that is a problem. How can a District Attorney be that petty? Was he bothered because she dared to challenge the Office Manager? Why not just use Forfeiture Funds to pay for what the county was not providing? Employees were deemed essential and had nowhere else to eat. 

Speaking of Forfeiture Funds, why should it take so long to get an accurate record of spending? Under the current District Attorney's office structure, he and his wife are the only two with direct easy access to the books. As District Attorney, one of my first acts will be a forensic audit of the spending. 

I have attached copies of open records requests below. With our current political climate, I realize some may be distrustful of me simply because of my political party affiliation. Hopefully, the attached documents will ease that concern. 

Houston Home Journal recently wrote a story about the massive turnover in the office as a result of the lack of leadership. A total of 5 attorneys have resigned since November 2020, including both the Chief Assistant and Deputy Chief Assistant.